Shantui Dozer DH10J
January 15, 2018

Shantui Dozer SD32DQ

MSRP: $459,041

Dealer Discount: $41,731

Sale: $417,310

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Stock# shantui-dozer-sd32dq


Gross power

257 kW /345 hp

Maximum torque

1509N·m@1400rpm / 1112.8 lb-ft

Model & type

Air to air inter cooling, Electronic control, Turbocharged diesel, US Oringinal Cummins QSX15 Engine In-line

Number of cylinders

6— 137*169 mm (bore x stroke) / 6-5.4*6.7 in

Piston displacement

15L / 3.963US gal

Final drive

2-stage speed reduction of spur gear, splash lubrication

Main drive

single-stage speed reduction, Spiral bevel gear, splash lubrication

Steering brake

floating band, foot brake with hydraulic booster, Wet

Steering clutch

hydraulic control, hydraulically separated, multi-disc, spring loaded, wet


1 phase, 1 stage, 3-element


forced lubrication, multi-disc clutch, Planetary gear, power shift


0~11.5 km/h // 7.2 mph, 0~3.6 km/h // 2.2 mph, 0~6.6 km/h //4.1 mph


1st, 2nd, 3rd


0~13.5 km/h // 8.4 mph, 0~4.4 km/h // 2.7 mph, 0~7.8 km/h // 4.9 mph

Carrier rollers

2 each side


228.6 mm / 8.93 in

Track rollers

7 each side

Track type

Assembled, single-grouser


Heavy duty, Lubricated, suspended structure of equalizer bar, Swing type of sprayed beam

Width of track shoes

610 mm / 24 in

Bore of working cylinder

125 mm × 2 / 4.9 in× 2


255 L/min // 67.4 US gal

Maximum pressure

21 MPa / 3045 psi

Pump type

Gear pump

Blade height

1725mm / 67.9 in

Blade width

4030mm / 158.7 in

Dozing capacity

11.9m3 /15.6 yd3

Maximum drop below ground

560mm / 22 in

Maximum tilt adjustment

1000mm / 39.4 in

Maximum digging depth

1250mm / 49.2 in

Maximum lift above ground

965mm / 37.6 in

Weight of ripper

3252kg / 7169 lb

Width of track shoes

610 mm / 24 in


Precision speed control
You can control track speed and engine speed, when you’re coming close to the end you can push the decel pedal and engine and track speed both come down. In another mode with a push of a button you can decouple the engine speed from the track ground speed. The engine speed and the hydraulic flow to the winch and blade remain constant, but you can slow your track speed to a crawl. All these help to make driving and control so easy.
- Will Johnson

Dozer blade is real stable
It works real well for an inexperienced dozer operator over- or under-corrects his blade elevation. The choppiness and washboarding results are very good. Once the undercarriage rolls over the wavy surface, the machine starts bucking like a ship in high seas. Shantui uses blade-mounted pitch technology to keep the blade cylinder from overcompensating and cutting too high or too low too quick, so you get a smooth, even cut. I started out on relatively flat ground to see how the blade responded. Right as rain, it enabled me to cut a long flat lane on the ground with an inexperienced hand.
- Chris Jones

Well built clutch
Shantui dozer is well known for their clutch systems. After two weeks of driving their SD32DQ and DH16J dozers, I can't believe the dozers only cost half price comparing those majory brands like from Caterpillar and John Deere. If you haven't seen or own one, Shantui dozer defintily should be on your top pick list.
- Mark Brown


Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1980, was a national category I key enterprise integrating research & development, production and sales of main engine products and key components of earth moving machinery, pavement construction & compaction machinery, building machinery, hoisting machinery and other construction machinery series products; and it is also a state-owned joint-stock listed company. It is one of the top 50 manufacturers of construction machinery in the world, and one of China’s top 500 manufacturers. On January 1, 1997, “Shantui” listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 000680). In June 2009, Shandong Heavy Industry Group was established, and Shantui became one of its Subsidiaries. As the backbone of construction machinery industry in China, Shantui always ranks as No.1 in the industry.